Back in 1999,​ as the world was stockpiling canned food, water & ammo we were hard at work developing the ultimate photo booth.


As the millennial clock clicked forward without incident, we emerged with our hard drives intact, our pantries full and a warehouse stocked with red paint.


We began with a traditional photo booth concept and morphed it into a roadworthy, internet friendly, fun-house-style-picture-machine on wheels.


The first booth was a behemoth red monster that weighed near 1200 pounds
and was towed around San Francisco behind a color-matched 1986 Dodge van with an ailing transmission.


The booth was an instant hit and the talk of the town. Most weekends, it could be seen traversing the hills of San Francisco snapping photos of anyone who dared enter. The Mayor got in. Homeless got in. Dogs, cats & furries piled in. It was lots of fun and the beginning of something big.


Before long, requests for ​ private parties, weddings, & mitzvahs came pouring in. We became official in 2000, developing​ the website, incorporating and making business cards. We prototyped several booths that year and eventually landed on the portable design that’s become so popular today.


Though the van has since been relegated to a local band’s tour bus, we sometimes long for its missing 4th gear and over-sprayed red tires. It was a funky machine with heart. Just like our photo booths.